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Your book is a very public statement of your professionalism and purpose. It MUST have carefully planned, well-structured and expertly edited content. The design of your cover and layout MUST say ‘classy’, no matter which style you choose.

When you work with us, as we guide and mentor you, and manage the editing, design and production of your book, you can relax and focus on what you do best, knowing that we will bring your manuscript to life and make your best book happen.


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You work with us to develop an overall publishing strategy, find your point of difference, and create your book structure before you begin writing. Once you have the internal shape of your book planned out, you have manageable and logical segments to work with. You then begin to furnish each segment and learn to relax into your unique voice as you write.

I was delighted with Bev’s step-by-step approach to planning my book. Our coaching sessions helped clarify the way forward out of uncertainty, chaos and procrastination into a meaningful and actionable plan. Bev also helped assemble the team required to bring my book into the world. Without her the book would still be in my head!      Dolores Cummins, executive coach and international corporate trainer, and author of ‘Altitude – Two Women’s Journey on Mt Kilimanjaro’. 

In 2013 I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network Strong Women Leadership Award for Business. As part of my award, I was able to complete Bev’s book coaching course. Bev was a wonderful mentor, and the program kept me on track when I could very easily have gone way off track. Without Bev, my book ‘Small Company Big Business’ would never have seen the light of day.
Bronwyn Reid, award-winning business owner & adviser, author, lecturer. Bronwyn is also a Key Person of Influence member.

Bev guided me through the process from the start – the conception of my book idea – to the end. She answered all my questions in a considered manner and has always been extremely supportive. As an author it is important to surround yourself with a great team, and Bev is an integral part of it.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.

Find out more about a BOOK COACHING Sessions here.


Regular coaching sessions will assist you with reviewing your progress, ensuring your ideas are presented logically, and will provide you with an external support system to make you accountable.

I remember Bev asking me early on whether I wanted to go at my own pace, or whether I was one of the people that need regular phone calls for motivation. Her flexible management suited me perfectly.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.

Also included:

  • your contents page, where each chapter title needs to attract the reader, just as magazine article headlines do
  • the material for the front end and back end of your book
  • the critical text on your book cover, including your sub-title and other front cover components
  • PLUS your back cover marketing material.

Your reader WILL look at these components and decide if they like the sound of your book.

We also provide co-writing services to help you finally get that manuscript finished!

It would be fair to say that when I joined Bev online for her workshop series she called ‘Write the Book that Changes Everything’ I did exactly that. At that time I was working on a contract in the remote Pilbara area in Western Australia, and the online workshops provided an opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded potential authors while I worked on my first book, ‘A Tree needs Water to Bear Fruit’. Those workshops provided me with a platform for book planning with coaching as part of the package. I valued the methodical process and support material provided throughout the months I was involved. The emergence of a publication date – and meeting that commitment – was the reward.

Viti Simmons, international social change facilitator and strategist.

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Write your first draft free of concern about perfection. Have a break from it then work on your manuscript again – read it aloud as you work through it, and make the changes that jump out at you.

Bev and the team took a technical manuscript and helped bring it to life. She and the team made the process so easy and enjoyable. Nothing was too great an ask and I’m just so happy with the finished product, having gone through editing and laying out for online sales. Without doubt, I’ll be going back to Bev for my second book!
William Pegg, author of ‘Changing the Game’, is a procurement and supply chain performance specialist. Will is also one of Australia’s Key Person of Influence alumni group.


When you feel you have done all you can do as a writer, hand your manuscript over to the professionals, knowing they will painstakingly work through it and polish it until it shines. This is called substantive editing (also known as developmental editing and comprehensive editing), where the editor considers a document’s concept and intended use, content, organisation, design, and style. The purpose is to make the document functional for its readers, not just to make it correct and consistent.

This is normally a three-step process, and should be given the time required to get the best results.  

  • In Step 1 the editor works through the manuscript, makes some changes, and also add comments and suggestions for improvement for the author to consider.
  • In Step 2 the author goes through their manuscript once again, and considers all feedback and changes made by the editor. They then make suggested improvements, add new material if needed, and/or respond to the editor’s comments to explain their wishes.
  • In Step 3 the editor goes through the document again, editing new material, finalising all changes, and providing both a clean copy as well as a track-changes copy to the author.

ONE-STEP EDIT: You may prefer a one-sweep edit if you are confident that your manuscript is already in great shape. (Always, always do a proofread again after layout and before print. Don’t cut corners.)

Bev’s attention to detail, thoughtful suggestions and tactful feedback helped at that final stage when the book needed a separate set of eyes.   Dolores Cummins, executive coach and international corporate trainer, and author of ‘Altitude – Two Women’s Journey on Mt Kilimanjaro’. 

PROOFREADING: It is essential your editor or another professional set of eyes fully proofreads your typeset manuscript after it has been laid out by your graphic designer and before it goes to the printer. This proofread is not just about the text: it is critical that a trained eye looks out for errors and inconsistencies in layout as well. There will always be changes to make at that stage, so allow time for that. It’s also a great idea to proofread the book one more time when your printer provides you with a proof copy before they press the button to print hundreds or thousands of them. Unless requested otherwise, we include the cost of this final proofread in our editing quote.

Once the manuscript for ‘Small Company Big Business’ was finally finished, I handed it over to Bev for editing. I felt a bit like a Uni student, waiting for my assignment to come back with lots of red marks, but the whole process was incredibly painless and easy. The editing was professional and efficient, and offered suggestions for additional material to improve flow, and I easily met my deadline with the printer.

Bronwyn Reid, award-winning business owner & adviser, author, lecturer. Bronwyn is also one of Australia’s Key Person of Influence alumni group.

The editing process was seamless, and I have a professional book I am proud of.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.


Bev supplied a standout book cover design for my forthcoming book, ‘Clinical Business’, for a book cover competition at short notice. We trialled several quite different concepts, and chose one that subsequently rated a place in the comp. Bev handled the logistics and kept things on track.

Dr Douglas Fahlbusch, Australian anaesthetist, hospital adviser, educator. Douglas is also a member of the Key Person of Influence alumni group.

Your book cover design should NOT be a continuation of your business branding, although it should certainly reflect who your readers are and what your business is all about.

I supply my book clients with a design brief containing questions, as well as a pdf about book cover design elements, as a starting point. I also advise all authors to begin gathering a collection of book cover images as they write their book. Set up a Pinterest board or a folder in your computer. Take photos while in book stores or reading magazines and newspapers, save covers you see online. (Here is my own Pinterest ‘book cover’ board.)

Book cover design can come easily, or may take some work to get it just right. We always give it the time it needs.

I am very happy with the cover design for my book – it reflects my book, me as an author and looks friendly and professional.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.


Bev arranged the book cover design for my second book, ‘Bearing Fruit – Microfinance’. The design brief process undertaken in readiness for the cover creation could not be faulted. The final outcome of the book cover was very special indeed. Very different to my first book cover design and on reflection the second book cover lends itself to replication, with slight changes, for each book that will follow. I will be tucking this possibility away for the third book I am now in the process of writing.

Viti Simmons, social change facilitator and strategist.


Your book’s cover design and internal layout must be professional and attractive, but they do not need to cost the earth.

We provide unique and individual one-off design according to your requirements, and I work with you to ensure the end result is top quality. Not brassy, not cliched: intelligent, interesting (sometimes unexpected or quirky) design rules the day!

When the design and layout are ready to go, your book files are saved ready for print and e-book production.

Tip: the design of your book marketing material should be a seamless fit with the design of your book.

I know this is another aspect of the publication process that needs to capture not just the reader but also me. The moment I opened up the draft provided of the page layout and design for my second book I went ‘yes!’ It was a continuation of the look and feel generated by the book cover and back page design which I loved.

Viti Simmons, social change facilitator and strategist.


 As a first time author Bev’s book design guidance was very important. I deferred to her experience and love the end result.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.


You no longer have to source money for up-front costs of large print-runs of your book, if you do not want to go that way. Small manageable print runs and ongoing online print-on-demand are fantastic options.

See more about digital print-on-demand and e-books below in ‘Online Sales and Distribution’.

We can refer you to suitable digital print companies for copies of your book and/or set up your files with IngramSpark. We can refer you to a print broker specialising in offshore printing if you want to look at cheaper printing options (with a much longer turn-around time) – especially useful for hard cover books and/or colour pages.

As a first time author I had no idea how to go about printing hardcopies or loading my book to the web. Bev did all this for me. This was seamless. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Dr Maria Boulton, author of ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’, regular ABC radio guest, winner of the Telstra Queensland New Business of the Year 2017.


You should have a fully functional website/blog for your business and your book, or for your book alone. You must also consider which social media platforms suit your purposes. We can provide guidance and/or assistance with this.

Tip: As early as possible purchase a domain name that matches the title of your book. If it is not available, think about changing the title a little, or look for ‘(your book title)book’ or similar. For example, Dolores Cummins and Barbara Baikie purchased for the book site for their book ‘Altitude’, as ‘’ and ‘’ were not available.

It is also wise to purchase a domain name using your own name, e.g. Your book can also be housed on a page on that website.

To search availability of domain names, I like to use this website: (Look down the ‘Global’ column on the left of that page to find some very interesting new possibilities.)


We prefer to set you up as a publisher and upload your print and e-book files to IngramSpark (Lightning Source) so that your book is available through Amazon as print book and e-book, and it is listed in international book catalogues. You are then in control of your own small publishing business. Your print book is then printed and delivered within days when ordered online. Your e-book is delivered immediately.

You receive all royalties from purchases of your book. We are not in the business of co-publishing or charging royalties. We set you up and help you fly unfettered. You simply pay us a small service fee to create your e-book files in .mobi and .epub, and upload them when layout is complete.


We can recommend a book distributor who may be willing to place your books in traditional book retail stores. They base their decision on the sales potential and professional presentation of your book, and they profit from a share in your sales.

They do NOT market your book – that is up to you – although they do assist with marketing material in the stores if you invest in that option. We only charge a service fee if you want us to arrange everything for you – otherwise you can look after this yourself.

The Team

As your publishing project manager I take the load off you, answer your questions, guide you through planning and writing your book, and work with my team to bring your book into being.

I partner with a team of highly-trained Australian editors, and can offer fast turnaround if required. (Much of their work is with academics and publishing houses, where standards are exacting.)

I work with several graphic designers on clients’ book cover designs and page layouts, so we are able to meet demand. I am also very happy to manage clients’ cover designs using 99designs – it is a time-consuming task but the results can be outstanding.

I then co-ordinate a suitable print company, and/or set clients’ books up on Amazon for e-book and print-on-demand sales.

We provide the services listed above individually as you require them, HOWEVER a planned and co-ordinated approach is recommended.


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