Your Book Blueprint

Do you have a dream to write a book

to help establish yourself as a recognised leader in your field – but you

don’t know where and how to begin?

Or have you begun your book and hit a roadblock?

Dorie Clark, author of ‘Entrepreneurial You’, ‘Reinventing You’ and ‘Stand Out’ (and named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50) says about publishing a book:

“It’s still one of the most effective tools for demonstrating your expertise, engaging new audiences, and building your credibility. That’s valuable at any stage in your career. But it’s especially important … when others may doubt your expertise.”

Your own book can make a big impact, but you need to get it right. You definitely do NOT want to find out after you publish that you totally missed the mark.

And if your dream includes seeing your name on the cover of a well-designed book in a good bookstore – which is a big thrill, truly – you MUST produce something that a book distributor will take seriously. This is definitely achievable for a first-time author and self-publisher, but you have to know what you are doing – or work with someone who does.

How do I create a brilliant blueprint for my non-fiction book?

Beginning a book can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start or what to do. Trying to put your thoughts and words together without a blueprint to guide you will most likely lead to frustration, overwhelm and procrastination – even though your end goal is really important to you.

Slogging away in isolation just seems to further kill the dream. So what can you do?

Find someone to guide you with your book purpose and structure, and give you the accountability, quality feedback and tough love you need to get you underway, of course! Like a personal trainer – but for words.

Where do I get help with that?

The person best qualified to help you plan a quality book that will be well-written and taken seriously where it matters is a trained & experienced book coach.

I am Bev Ryan, book coach and book production manager, and I have the experience and tools to help you:


Define your book’s purpose, audience and message


Lay thorough book foundations


Build your best book structure on those foundations.


Write your first chapters and get in the flow 

Once you have your book blueprint sorted, your job is to then write and add your content to the framework you have created, knowing exactly where you want to go, and why.  

How do I work with a book coach?

I guide you through a specific set of 13 steps that form the Book Blueprint program, which ensures you cover the necessary groundwork needed to support a quality book. The true value of the coaching process lies in the expert feedback, guidance and course correction I give you as you work through these steps, rather than working on your own and finding your way in the dark.


I can work with you as a private client and coach you through the 13 steps in the Book Blueprint Program, providing feedback and guidance on your responses to each of the 13 steps as we go.


OR you can join my next online group coaching Book Blueprint Program where you submit your book blueprint to me at the end of the program as a completed document, and receive my feedback in audio format.

Why can I trust Bev with my book dream?  

I am Bev Ryan, author of ‘Smart Women Publish’, and a highly experienced book coach and production manager who’s helped hundreds of accomplished women like you to voice their viewpoint and publish their own non-fiction books.

I have been exactly where you are today, and I know what it feels like to have a dream that you can’t let go, even if it scares you big time. In 1997, well before indie publishing was a trend, I took the bold step of publishing my own magazine, ‘Work From Home’, followed by a second award-winning women’s magazine a decade later.

Today I run non-fiction book coaching programs and events for women and I also manage the production of quality books for accomplished professionals who become authors and reap the rewards of having new recognition as an authority in their industry.  

In 2019 I was invited to join the judging panel for the inaugural Australian Business Book Awards, a role I continue into 2020.  

I am also a career coach, and an alumna of the 40-week Key Person of Influence program which incorporates book publishing for impact and influence, so I can 100% attest to the value of publishing as both a business and a career growth strategy.

As a member of Jennie Nash’s Advanced Non-Fiction Book Coach Certification Program, I now apply the proven Book Blueprint system, along with my book publishing expertise, when working with my own clients to ensure they get the results they deserve when they invest time and money in their dream.

From confused to committed with the Book Blueprint 

This eight-week Book Blueprint coaching program is the ideal way to go from confused to committed, and see your book take form, with a strong structure and a beating heart, whether it’s a non-fiction business book or memoir.

You will be able to confidently continue to write your book after the program, knowing exactly what you are doing, where you are heading, and why.

The Book Blueprint Program includes:


An intake call with your coach and a pre-program writing exercise


Five online coaching sessions, spaced two weeks apart


A set of 13 Book Blueprint exercises to complete between coaching sessions


Feedback on your work, and coaching to help you build your best book structure and start writing



Two 1:1 coaching calls with Bev within 4 months of completion to keep you on track

This coaching program is equally effective for authors who have not yet begun their books and authors who are stuck or want to review their first draft.

“Just an update, I’m up to the last two steps!  This is where it gets real and I have to write … Really interesting steps so far and they’ve made me think hard and differently, but I’ve felt a good flow and excitement is building so I’m hoping the flow continues through these two chapters.” — client

What is covered in the program?

During the program, you will complete 13 exercises grouped in four parts. These exercises are accompanied by live coaching calls, which will be recorded for you to access again later. (No, there is not a stash of videos to watch that you will never get around to. Phew.)

The program will help ensure you hone your message for the right audience, and build a book that impacts you and others profoundly.

You will also set yourself up for writing a book worthy of sales and distribution with the big names.


Part 1

Clarify your fundamentals – move the dial so your book comes into clear focus


Part 2

Zoom in on your reader – really know who they are and what they want


Part 3

Structure your story – build the shape of your book


Part 4

Develop your chapters and write two of them – let the flow begin

How do I get started?

OPTION 1: Book Blueprint VIP

Commence the 8-week Book Blueprint Program working individually with Bev as soon as possible. You will meet for an initial intake call and set your 5 x fortnightly meeting schedule together. You submit your work to Bev after each meeting and receive feedback on each Blueprint step as you progress. This way, you are building a secure book framework as you go.

PLUS you will receive TWO 45-minute bonus private coaching calls with Bev at your request, at a time that suits both, within 4 months of completing the program, to help keep you moving.

Cost: $1947 (or three monthly payments of $679)

ACTION: Click the grey button below to book an initial no-obligation Zoom call about this personalised VIP program.

OPTION 2: Book Blueprint Masterclass

This is an 8-week online live coaching group PLUS follow-up coaching program. In this group program you attend 5 x fortnightly group calls and work through the 13-step Blueprint as you go. You then submit all of your Book Blueprint exercises together as one document within two weeks of completing the program. Bev will send you personalised feedback within two weeks of that.

PLUS you will receive TWO 30-minute bonus private coaching calls with Bev at a time that suits both, within 4 months of completing the program, to help keep you moving.

Cost: $847 (or two payments of $447)

ACTION: Click the button below to add your details to this Expression of Interest form to be notified of the next Book Blueprint Masterclass commencing in August 2020.

OPTION 3: Book Blueprint Basic

This is a basic 8-week live online group program. This basic program does not include individual feedback and follow-up coaching with Bev. You simply attend the same 5 x fortnightly calls as the Mastermind group, and work through the 13-step Blueprint.

Cost: $447 (or two payments of $247)   

NOTE: After you complete Option 3 you have the opportunity to later purchase a block of coaching time with Bev so she can review and assist with finalising your Book Blueprint before you write further. ($500)

ACTION: Click the button below to add your details to this Expression of Interest form to be notified of the next Book Blueprint Basic program commencing in August 2020.