Book Coaching

Why work with a book coach?

Writing & publishing a non-fiction book is not JUST about the book! Yes, I will help you map out your book outline so that it has a clear point and structured content, and takes your reader on a transformational journey, from one state to another. 

BUT be aware, you will experience much more than that along the way.



Self-authorship happens during phases of development within the lifelong process of self-evolution. You change. You develop your internal authority as you develop your capacity to make decisions, and while writing your book you will decide on, define and declare your beliefs, values and relationships based upon self-selected criteria.

Writing & self-publishing the right book – a book that matters – will be a definite catalyst for such personal growth and change, some of which can be very uncomfortable.

You will go through a powerful period of transition yourself, your own hero’s journey if you will: you will go on an adventure, face internal challenges along the way, win a victory, and come home changed or transformed.

A good book coach provides you with a secure base and mirrors much-needed belief before you might believe in yourself.

It is a fact that the majority of self-determining women say that support (or lack of it) is the one factor that most impacts their success.

When working with Bev as your book coach, you will:
  • Have step-by-step support through the writing & publishing process
  • Develop your self-belief and settle your fear that you are ‘not good enough’
  • Set yourself up for success by ensuring you write the right book
  • Learn the publishing process and develop a schedule and deadline
  • Map out the outline of your book in detail
  • Finally start the book that has been begging to be written
  • Have accountability and help to establish good writing habits
  • Build your writing skills as you progress
  • Have your work reviewed as you write
  • And finally finish the book that you have dreamed of writing
You will also:


  • Complete your book and confidently move into the production phase.
  • Be confident that you are creating a quality book you can be proud of
  • Be prepared for the the next stage of marketing once you are a published author


Coaching Options


Individual coaching session with Bev Ryan in person or online. Use this time to help you clarify, start or re-start your book project. Sort through your many ideas, decide what book to write and for whom, instead of launching wildly into a book that people may not necessarily want.

2 hours plus follow-up.
Pre-paid only

CONTACT Bev to arrange


Work with Bev at the start to define your book fundamentals (your business goal, your purpose & point, your reader & their point, your book scope) and create the structure of your book to kick-start your writing properly. Start well, finish well.

You will also learn about the publishing process, and develop a project timeline.

Short-term service: from $1000 (Pre-paid only)

CONTACT Bev to arrange.


Plan and begin your book properly (includes all components from FRAME YOUR BOOK), then write and complete it with ongoing regular review and feedback on your writing. This is a high-touch 1:1 coaching program.

This coaching bundle includes a full book cover concept design as you write, to make you focus in on key elements of your book, and your desired outcomes.

Ongoing coaching: minimum of 6 months and up to 12 months: from $600/month. (Monthly payment schedule).

CONTACT Bev to talk more.  

Interested to know how Bev can help you?

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In 2013 I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network Strong Women Leadership Award for Business. As part of my award, I was able to complete Bev’s book coaching course. Bev was a wonderful mentor, and the program kept me on track when I could very easily have gone way off track. Without Bev, my book ‘Small Company Big Business’ would never have seen the light of day.

– Bronwyn Reid:
author of Small Company Big Business