Book Coaching

Adding Value

Coaching and mentoring are proven ways to enhance performance, as you can achieve more effective outcomes in less time than you would working on our own.

Many people talk about writing a NON-FICTION book but few ever even start! Of those who do, a large number give up along the way and their book is never finished.

It is a fact that people who choose to work with a book coach say they may never have achieved their success without that support.


Coaching Options


Individual sessions, either:

  • 1 hour / 2 hour / or 3 hour blocks of targeted book coaching (AU$200/hour)
  • OR a bundle of 5 hours of coaching time, to be accessed within 6 months (AU$800)
  • OR a VIP Day with Bev, with two 3-hour coaching sessions with ample lunch break, so you really get things done! (AU$1500)

These intensive sessions (via Skype, individualised webinars and/or in person where possible) are ideal for ANY of the following:

  1. Gather ideas and information, understand the book publishing process, and make a big-picture publishing plan.
  2. Sort through your many ideas, create a specific book plan, and begin testing your ideas – instead of launching wildly into a book that people may not necessarily want.
  3. Review your book plan and chapter structure, make changes, and get underway.
  4. Unblock stoppages OR re-start a book project you have put aside.


This is a personalised webinar coaching program designed to ensure you understand the publishing process, gain clarity about your audience and message, and begin writing your quality book, with full guidance. This fortnightly program PLUS bonus coaching is:

  • a series of EIGHT one-to-one live book coaching and information webinars – with extra one-to-one coaching thrown in!
  • an embrace of the unexpected transformative power of taking action towards making a bold and heart-felt vision come to life
  • an assured set of logical processes in manageable chunks to ensure your book is well-planned and underway
  • your own personal instructor providing the mentoring and information you require to plan your book and confidently step into the role of author, without paralysing you with overwhelm of information
  • accountability and structure – plus a deadline – and your very own mentor who believes in you and can continue to support you way after this program ‘officially’ closes, so that your book is completed at last.

Cost is $1950 – payment options available.


Contact Bev to arrange a 20-minute call


In 2013 I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network Strong Women Leadership Award for Business. As part of my award, I was able to complete Bev’s book coaching course. Bev was a wonderful mentor, and the program kept me on track when I could very easily have gone way off track. Without Bev, my book ‘Small Company Big Business’ would never have seen the light of day.

– Bronwyn Reid:
author of Small Company Big Business