Featured Authors

Helen Nan – ‘Your Best Life’

Helen Nan has been a financial adviser since 2011, helping hundreds of clients achieve their lifestyle goals and aspirations. She is passionate about providing clear and straightforward guidance, and her book, ‘Your Best Life – Live the life you want with the money you have’, helps demystify the planning process, helping readers make the best decisions for their life, regardless of where they are in their journey. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Caroline Jean-Baptiste – ‘Buy That House’

Caroline Jean-Baptiste is an award-winning mortgage broker and entrepreneur, who is driven to help women be financially empowered and secure through property ownership. Her book ‘Buy That House’ sets out a MONEY strategy – a clear and simple process toward buying that home. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Fiori Giovanni – ‘Defy Your Destiny’

Born in Africa, at the age of twelve Fiori Giovanni’s marriage was already arranged. By fourteen, she was recruited into the Eritrean army. Her destiny, like that of so many girls in Third World countries, had been dictated, defined and determined. It was yet, though, to be defied. ‘Defy Your Destiny’ traces her story from Africa to a successful life as a speaker, coach and author in Australia. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Kathryn Maggs – ‘Better Questions’

With over 20 years’ experience working with individuals, leaders and teams as a mentor, coach, facilitator and speaker, Kathryn Mags generates sustainable change through connection, clarity, confidence and creating a new path forward. Kathryn’s book, ‘Better Questions’, is a collection of her own photographs and powerful coaching questions. (Book produced by Bev Ryan.)

Anne Galloway – ‘Cattlemen in Pearls’

Anne Galloway, and husband Ian, published ‘Cattlemen in Pearls’, a collection of stories presenting a cross-section of Australian women varying in age and stage in life, including stud and commercial breeders big and small, beef marketers and organic beef producers. Stories authored by Paula Heenan, Annabelle Brayley, Claire McTaggart, Tracey Hartmann, Amanda Salisbury. (Bev Ryan edited this book. Cover design by Plash Creative.)

Sarah Godfrey – ‘Life Works When’

Blending psychology and coaching, Sarah Godfrey is an author, blogger, speaker, coach and psychologist. She is also the Chairperson of Griefline, and is often a media spokesperson in her field. Her book, ‘Life Works When’ helps people develop a fertile emotional ground for happiness to grow. Illustrations are by her sister, Carol Gray. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Amanda Stokes – ‘Mirror Mirror On My Wall’

Amanda Stokes, author of ‘Mirror Mirror On My Wall’ is an educator and mentor in the field of inter-generational body image and well-being. The founder of the Mirror Movement, she works with mothers who want their pre-teen daughters to feel confident about their bodies, yet are themselves trapped in a cycle of shame around food and body image. (Bev Ryan produced this book. Cover by Confetti Design.)

Chris Vidal – ‘Power of Women in our Sixties’ 

Chris Vidal brims with energy and enthusiasm when speaking about being in her sixties, and espousing the potential for all women of that decade. She established an online community for like-minded women, which is flourishing, and her book ‘Power of Women in our Sixties’ gives confidence and inspiration to readers. (Bev Ryan edited this book.)

Belinda Shaw – ‘The Becoming of Wisdom’

Belinda Shaw is a resilience expert who works with individuals, business owners and upper level management, to gain clarity and direction for their business. Belinda’s book, ‘The Becoming of Wisdom’ Belinda shares what she has learned, and invites you to join her there so you too can achieve more, with less drama. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Felicity Hamilton – ‘Accreditation Ready’

Felicity Hamilton is co-founder and CEO of OneVault Governance and Accreditation Ready Software, servicing aged care, disability and health care providers to streamline their clinical governance to save up to 76% of their current spend and become 24/7 accreditation ready. Her book shares the processes and challenges to get organisations accreditation ready in the most efficient way possible. (This book was produced by Bev Ryan.)

Sonia McDonald – ‘Leadership Attitude’ and ‘Just Rock It!’

Sonia is an award-winning writer and author, global keynote speaker and leadership coach. She wrote her books because “I’m so freaking over hearing people claim a lack of self-confidence, watching people sabotage themselves and seeing others put people down. I am truly over the fact that we live in a culture and society today where it’s frowned upon if we advocate for and believe in ourselves.” (Bev Ryan produced both of Sonia’s books.)

Bronwyn Reid – ‘Small Company Big Business’

Bronwyn is a small business owner and serial entrepreneur whose driver is small business success, particularly in regional areas. She has successfully started and run award-winning businesses from regional Queensland, and Small Company Big Business is her third. Bronwyn is best known for her strong business and community engagement expertise as a speaker, mentor and collaborator. (Bev Ryan edited this book.)

Nicky Mackie – ‘GenNorm™’

Nicky Mackie is a thought leader in human resources and executive coaching, and her book helps organisations tap into their multi-generational workplace potential, to accelerate growth. Whether partnering with SMEs or corporate giants, Nicky tackles the minefield of HR with exceptional strategic skills, and inspires business leaders to stretch beyond their boundaries and confront challenges head on. (Bev Ryan produced this book. Cover by Confetti Design.)

Christine Franklin – ‘The Extra Mile’

Christine Franklin is a psychologist with twenty years’ experience. Based in Townsville, Qld, she leads a team of psychologists who deliver programmes across Australia to help build strong foundations for health and education professionals, and achieve excellence in service delivery for rural and remote communities. Her book ‘Extra Mile’ is an ‘essential guide for health professionals going bush’. (This book was produced by Bev Ryan.)

Dr Maria Boulton – ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy’

Wanting to deliver health services better, Dr Maria Boulton and her business partner set up their own practice in Brisbane. In 2017 their new business model won the prestigious Telstra Queensland Business of the Year Award. Maria’s book provides quality practical advice to help women and their partners to navigate the mysteries and anxieties of impending parenthood. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Alisse Bradley – ‘Millionaire Feng Shui’

Alisse Bradley is the CEO and founder of Alisse Bradley International, and inspires women to embrace the science of business magnetism. She combines energy-based modalities and universal principles with savvy western business techniques for fast and effective outcomes. Her book shares the proven business science of Feng Shui, with shortcuts to help you build a successful business. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Denise Gibbons – ‘Women as Leaders’

Denise Gibbons is dedicated to empowering women so that we build stronger communities and thus improve quality of life for everyone. She wrote this book as a practical guide about leadership for young women, to provide some tools to crack and even shatter any glass barrier that exists for them – any barrier that keeps them from being part of the power decisions of the world. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Kris Barrett – ‘High Thrive Me!’

Kris Barrett implemented dietary and biomedical interventions that successfully transformed her once severely autistic son, Tim, into a thriving, happy and healthy boy – now a fully adjusted teenager. She is now a certified Nutrition Coach, certified GAPS Practitioner and certified Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner. Her book and work helps transform the lives of families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Kathryn Hodges – ‘Who Gets the Dog?’

Kathryn is a family lawyer working with couples going through separation who are committed to staying out of Court. Her decision to worry a lot less about what she thought a lawyer “should” or “shouldn’t” do, and focus more on how she could truly help people was a career turning-point. Her book helps families reduce conflict and allows more people to flourish. (Bev Ryan produced this book.) 

Dolores Cummins & Barbara Baikie – ‘Altitude’

In ‘Altitude: Two women’s journey on Mount Kilimanjaro’, Barbara Baikie and Dolores Cummins – executive educators and friends – provide raw insight into their experience and mindset as they pushed their bodies and minds to the limit during their nine-day trek climbing the world’s highest free standing mountain, Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. (Bev Ryan coached these authors through the writing & self-publishing process.)

Philippa Spork – ‘Rules of Social Engagement’

Philippa Spork is a marketing strategist with 25-plus years’ experience in key account management and sales leadership within the Australian advertising and media industry. She published ‘Rules of Social Engagement’ in 2016, and soon after that she won international book awards and a major business award. Her book also helped lead to her new role in corporate Australia, as Director of Marketing Operations with Accenture. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Lee O’Connor – ‘We Did It Our Way’

Artist Lee O’Connor, and engineer husband Paul, have found adventure on their motorbikes in all corners of the world for over 40 years. In March 2015 they flew their KTM 990 motorcycles to Kuala Lumpur and began a round-the-world adventure that took them a year, riding 80,000 kilometres on spectacular roads through forty countries. Lee captured that journey beautifully in ‘We Did It Our Way’. (Bev Ryan guided the author through the self-publishing process.)

Emily Martin – ‘The Gift’

During a cool early morning cycle in the summer of 2015, Emily was in a serious accident. It left her with an acquired brain injury, and her well-oiled life imploded, affecting everyone near and dear to her. A year later Emily wrote and published her book, ‘The Gift – Finding strength within when you need it most’, as a way to thank all who supported her and her young family through that time, and to raise awareness of brain injuries and the recovery process. (Bev Ryan produced this book.)

Viti Simmons – ‘Bearing Fruit: Microfinance’

Viti Simmons is the founding director of Bear Fruit, and is a social change facilitator with a passion for integrating social development with business innovation. Her books, ‘A tree needs water to bear fruit: Enterprising women creating reservoirs for poverty alleviation’ (2013) and ‘Bearing Fruit: Microfinance – Empowering women, families and communities’ (2016) provide important insights, funding and exposure for developing and developed world contributors. (Bev Ryan designed the cover & layout of this book.)

Amanda Bigelow – ‘Powered By Health’

Amanda Bigelow became a Food as Medicine Practitioner after her own serious health crisis, forcing her to give up her career as an environmental professional. Today she works with clients to find the root cause of problems, and guides them to systematically transform their health and lives. Her book, ‘Powered By Health’ is written for high achieving women who want to regain ‘health, vitality, and a new life full of possibilities’. (Bev Ryan edited this book.)

Sally Thibault – ‘Reclaim You’

As a leading authority in helping women reclaim their body and their life, Sally Thibault has spent over three decades working in the field of health, wellness, counselling, personal development and coaching. Her book, ‘Reclaim You’ has been pivotal in her success helping women transform their lives through her transformational VIP Coaching Days and six-month mentoring program. (Bev Ryan provided editing and page layout. Cover by Rebecca Giovenco.)

Helen Lock – ‘101 ways to Treat Your Itch’

Helen Lock is known for developing and branding iconic Australian-made skincare products. Her brands include Aviation Hydration moisturiser, XMA Skin Therapy, and Spot On Spot Off.  Helen is also the author of ‘101 Ways to Treat your Itch’, which contains 101 old and new natural treatments for skin conditions. (Bev Ryan provided editing & page layout. Cover by Michael Hanrahan Publishing.)